Spousal Maintenance

"Spousal maintenance is not an automatic entitlement. We can advise you whether it is likely to be an issue for you, depending on your financial situation."

Spousal maintenance is an ongoing periodic or lump sum payment from one spouse to the other spouse for the other spouse's continuing living expenses. You might have heard maintenance being referred to in American television shows as 'alimony'. It is separate from child support which is paid for the children's expenses.

You may be entitled to financial support from your partner in the form of spousal maintenance. Or you may be on the receiving end of a claim for spousal maintenance. Either way, it will be necessary to determine whether there is a need for spousal maintenance and a capacity to pay it. We will undertake a detailed examination of income and expenses of you and your partner and advise you whether there are grounds for a spousal maintenance claim.

Spousal maintenance is not only an issue for married couples who have separated. People in de facto relationships, including gay and lesbian couples, also have the same rights and obligations for maintenance.

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It is reassuring to know that you have taken a genuine interest in my daughter's difficult situation and have done everything possible so far in such an expedient manner in an attempt to achieve the best possible outcome, whatever it will be.

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