Melbourne Child Support Lawyers

"It is important to obtain advice before entering into a Child Support Agreement as the terms of the agreement may be in place for many years."

Child Support can be confusing. We can assist you to understand the Child Support Scheme and how your Child Support Assessment is calculated. We can also advise about Change of Assessment Applications with the Child Support Agency and collection issues.

Many parents agree on their own arrangements for child support, particularly in relation to private school fees, special medical expenses and extra-curricular activities. Some parents also agree on payment of lump sum child support. We can advise you about arrangements appropriate to your circumstances and formalise those arrangements through a Binding Child Support Agreement.

Our family lawyers can also advise and help you with applications for adult child maintenance if your children are over 18 and still need financial support. This is often the case if your child is still studying or has a disability.

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I just want to thank you and your firm for the help with my case against the Child Support Agency last year. I won the case and, in fact, the ruling exceeded what I asked for. Thanks for all the help. It would not have been as smooth without your assistance!

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