Getting Started

"When relationship disputes do occur, we aim to resolve them through sensible, negotiated settlements and avoid long, drawn out 'battles' wherever possible."

Seeing a lawyer doesn't mean you will end up in Court

We help most of our clients reach an agreement about their family law issues without going to Family Court.

There are many different ways of resolving family law disputes. Our family lawyers can assist you to choose the best approach for your situation.

Negotiated settlements usually offer the best overall outcome. They keep costs and stress levels down, and best preserve any ongoing dealings with your partner in the future. This is especially important where children are involved, as you will need to communicate with your partner for many years to come on issues regarding their welfare.

If you do need to go to Court, you can be assured that we have the knowledge and experience to act assertively on your behalf.

First appointment

The first appointment is one of the most valuable parts of the whole process. We find out what your needs are, provide you with advice about your legal rights and give you options for resolving your matter.

Many of our clients comment about the clarity and sense of reassurance they feel after their first appointment with us.

Even if you don't wish to take any immediate action, you will leave your initial meeting with a better understanding of how family law applies to you and the different pathways you can take to resolve issues.

What to bring to the first appointment

If you have been served with Court documents or you have a letter from your partner's lawyer, it is best if you send them in to us before the appointment, so our family lawyers have a chance to consider them before we meet with you.

If you are seeing us about property or financial matters, it will be helpful if you could provide a list of your assets and liabilities and your most recent superannuation statements. If you are married, please also provide a copy of your marriage certificate.

When you contact us to make an appointment, we will give you with a list of documents to bring to your appointment.

Our fees and charges

We charge according to the amount of time we spend on your matter. Contact us to find out our current hourly rates. The first appointment generally lasts for between 1 hour and 1 ½ hours.

At the first appointment, we will be able to give you an estimate as to how much your matter is likely to cost to resolve. We do not provide the first appointment free and we do not do legal aid matters.


I'd like to thank you for being so helpful and straight forward in what is a very stressful situation for me. You have given me a lot of faith in your ability.

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